The aim of WTKA GB is to encourage, promote, represent, develop, support and communicate the benefits of martial arts throughout Great Britain and to raise the sporting profile and perception of the art within the UK

We achieve this by:

  • Supporting the development of a multi partnership approach with other associations

  • Providing high quality organised events

  • Valuing the qualities of discipline, structure, and excellence in all our activities and members

  • Demanding excellence from our members and helping and assisting them to find success and confidence as they wish in martial arts

  • Raising the awareness and understanding of the individual, including the intellectual, physical, social and spiritual well being through martial arts.

  • Competitions for athletes and teams.

  • Have the WTKA GB recognised as an ethical leader and an example of excellence in conduct, management and performance

  • Being inclusive in all our decision making

  • Equality and diversity are fundamental to our core beliefs and values. That’s why we welcome and encourage people from all ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, socio-economic classes, religions, disabilities and ages in everything we do.

  • Providing at all times the highest standards in coaching and coaching development

  • Wherever possible exceed the expectations of our members and partners